Who is The Rum Trader?

Scott French, The Rum Trader
Scott French, The Rum Trader

My name is Scott French. I am a Rum Reviewer, Brand Builder, Marketing Consultant, Brand Influencer, Judge, Presenter, Collector and Cocktail Enthusiast residing in Columbia, SC.

I have been sharing my rum passion via presentations, this website and through social media channels, as The Rum Trader, since 2008. 

With a collection of over 800+ different rum expressions, I am a connoisseur of rum. In addition to traveling to Rum and Tiki events around the country, I spend my time hosting rum tastings, writing about, reviewing and researching rum. I visit rum distilleries, hunt for old stock rums, and share my knowledge about the rum industry with others insistently. 

In the new year (2020), I will participate in a number of events on the 2020 Rum, Tiki & Cocktail schedule. I will be back in Miami, New Orleans, and Charleston for various rum events including Miami Rum Congress and Tales of the Cocktail.

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Scott French
The Rum Trader