Who is The Rum Trader?

My name is Scott French. I am a Rum Writer, Reviewer, Judge, Presenter, Collector and Cocktail Enthusiast who resides in Columbia, SC. I have been sharing my rum passion online, and through social media channels, as The Rum Trader since 2008. My rum obsession began over a decade ago. Spawned by a memorable week in Key West, FL spent with good friends and a bottle of Angostura 1919.

RumXPGoldBest240 With a rum collection of 450+ different rum expressions, I am a self-professed rum nut. In addition to traveling to rum and tiki events around the country, I spend my free time hosting rum tastings, reviewing and researching rum, visiting distilleries, hunting for old stock rums, and sharing my knowledge about the rum industry with others.

I have selected a few events from the 2018 Rum, Tiki & Cocktail schedule to attend. It is my plan to visit as many South Carolina rum distillers as possible this year. I will be back in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale but the rest of my rum travels is still up in the air. I would like to attend one or more of the Rum Fests being held in San Francisco, Seattle, and/or New York City.

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In 2018, I will be traveling once again. I..

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RumXP_ConsumerRumJury_Background In 2015, I served as a judge on the inaugural Rum XP Consumer Rum Jury at the 2015 Miami Rum Renaissance.

Scott French
The Rum Trader