Skotlander’s New Rhum Agricole

Danish-based Skotlander Rum recently announced the release of their first Rhum Agricole.

Distilled with 100% freshly squeezed sugar cane juice this new rum carries an aroma of fresh cut grass and tasting notes of fresh citrus fruits and summer flowers.

Since sugarcane is not grown in Denmark, the company traveled to South America to distill their rhum near the sugar cane fields while the juice is still fresh. What started as an experiment has ended with “a great fruity rum that tastes of freshly pressed sugar cane”.

This 100% pot stilled agricole is bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV), limited to 500 bottles and are sure to sellout.

Skotlander produced a series of videos documenting their South American rhum journey. Watch the story below.

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