1:00 Sunrise Cocktail

100 Sunrise

The Rum Trader’s Scotch-loving friend Gary, and his lovely wife Joan, invited The Trader over to enjoy a dram of Scotch, dinner and time to mingle with friends.

Being the rum guy almost requires me to share some quality rum and rum cocktails whenever I congregate. Always happy to oblige, The Rum Trader grabbed his recently opened bottle of Plantation 20th Anniversary rum for an evening of sharing.

Knowing that most of my male friends would be enjoying the Scotch and Rum, meant that any cocktail I prepared must appeal to The Rum Trader’s lady friends.

Looking through the ingredients I had available, and a quick search of drinksmixer.com, I found the 1:00 Sunrise to pre–mix a batch for the party.

DrinksMixer is an interesting site because it offers 1000s of cocktail recipes and it allows users to search for drinks by the ingredients they have available. However, I often worry about the final results of cocktails I’ve never sampled. The ‘1:00 Sunrise’ contains multiple rums and multiple juices which can sometimes mean you’ll wind up with a sweet mess instead of a tasty expression.

1:00 Sunrise

3 oz triple sec (Mr. Boston Tiple Sec)
1.5 oz 151 proof rum (Lemon Hart 151)
1.5 oz white rum (Tommy Bahama White Sands)
3 oz peach schnapps (Dekuyper Peach Schnapps)
4.5 oz orange juice
4.5 oz pineapple juice
4.5 oz pomegranate juice

Preparation: Hand shake in mixing cup until slightly foamy. Serve with crushed ice OR ice cubes. Garnish with slice of orange and pineapple.

I happily can say that the “1:00 Sunrise’ is a creamy, peachy, pomegranate cocktail. Peach Schnapps is a boldly flavored spirit which often overpowers cocktails so the  shake over ice is required to dial the peach flavor back into the cocktail.

Lastly, The Trader’s lady friend Morgan observed that a sprig of slapped mint would help balance the sweetness and tame the peach schnapps a bit too. I agree mint would benefit this cocktail but it’s pretty good as is. The Scotch, the Plantation and the ‘1:00 Sunrise’ helped make for fun evening and I thank the hosts for including me.

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