Bacardi unveils new look bottle and label

You might think that the largest rum company on the planet might not think about change…why bother, right? It’s simple, times change, tastes change and consumers change. Even the biggest company’s must change in order to stay fresh and relevant. The spirit industry has changed tremendously in last decade and even a huge brand like Bacardi has to change with the times.

Bacardi’s New Bottle

For the first time in over a decade Bacardi has updated their packaging (both bottle and label).  In consultation with some of the world’s best bartenders, the new Bacardi bottle has been created to ensure that it fits well in bartender’s hands and is well balanced in order to produce the perfect pour. Bacardi made the bottle taller, slimmer and more cylindrical. They also added  “proud shoulders” which they say is reminiscent of the more classic style of bottles.

Bacardi Rum Bottles

Bacardi’s New Bat Logo

Bacardi’s is known for it’s iconic bat logo so they wanted their updated bat to reflect their heritage. The new bat logo was inspired by hand-drawn Bacardi bat designs from the early 1900s. It uses large, hand-cut fonts inspired by those adorning the Art Deco El Edificio Bacardi, the brand’s former sales office and iconic bar in Havana, Cuba.

Did you know? The Bacardi bat represents good fortune, good health and family unity!

Bacardi’s New Label

Bacardi’s new label features larger lettering utilizes a smooth, Art Deco style . Adorning the package by celebrating more than 150 years of heritage and awards . The Royal Spanish coat of arms
awarded for quality in 1888, a selection of medals won since 1862 (BACARDÍ rum is the most awarded spirit in the world) and the signature of Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, the founder of the company, that remains family owned since 1862.

The back of each new bottle from the portfolio of light and dark rums also features a brief story from the Bacardi family’s history and a simple taste description and drinks. Continuing Bacardi’s dedication to lessening their environmental impact, all paper labels are made from recycled cane fiber, a by-product of their rum making.

Our goal with the new pack design was to cement the extraordinary BACARDÍ
heritage into the hearts and minds of today’s consumer by connecting it with the human
passion, untameable spirit and fine craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. It looks
contemporary, but with a strong heritage feel, and we look forward to seeing it in bars and in the hands of consumers around the world. – Dmitry Ivanov, President of Bacardi Global Brands

10 Responses

  1. David Robinson
    David Robinson at |

    Bacardi Rum doesn’t taste the same I’ve been drinking Bacardi Rum for about 45 years

  2. Debra Phelps
    Debra Phelps at |

    I totally agree the new labeling and the taste have changed and certainly not gor the better why when it was working would you change it. I have been drinking Bacardi all my adult life and have not enjoyed the taste at all. I have never had a hangover before but the last drink I had made me very ill. The taste to me tastes like home brew or a bacardi that has been poured from the same shot glass that was used for a rum not a believer at all that ths taste has not changed

  3. Gavin Currie
    Gavin Currie at |

    I have been drinking Bacardi Gold for as long as I can remember and still enjoy the great taste.
    My concern is the change in the “capping” of your 1.75 ltr. bottle.
    The meal cap and collar have proven to be a disaster for me, as I require a Walnut nut cracker tool to open.
    Initially I struggled with “Breaking” the seal by hand, but found that when the seal was cracked, the bottom of my baby finger would get cut on the metal edges of the collar .
    Personally, I think this is/was, the worst change you could have made….
    I have kept an old bottle with the plastic cap and pour the contents of the new bottle into it … Very Inconvenient!!!!
    Gavin Currie
    43 Treelawn Blvd.,
    Perth, Ont.
    K7H 3P1

  4. Donovan
    Donovan at |

    I agree I don’t know if it’s all in my head but I think that it does taste different. Has Bacardi changed something?

  5. Brian
    Brian at |

    Just bought a new bottle of Bacardi White Rum and it is definitely different from a two year old bottle that I have. Even the Piña Colada mix can’t mask the bitterness of the new bottle. I’m hoping it’s just a bad batch.

  6. river
    river at |

    The taste has changed dramatically! I can’t stand the new “bacardi” or whatever their passing off as Bacardi. Taste like cheap vodka to me. And its sad cause Bacardi was my go to rum. I store search for the old labeled bottles ☺

  7. jack
    jack at |

    Made in cuba now with cuban water

  8. colin graves
    colin graves at |

    All thats on the shelves is this carta blanca.New bottle,new label and new contents. Way back bacardi advertised itself against Dry Cane saying you can taste the diffrence well i can still taste t6he diffrence after 40yrs of regular tasting. I found a old bottle of bacardi wiv the Superior label and side by side its a diffrent aroma and TASTE, so looks like we wont be buying the new 1. Oh hum

  9. Belinda
    Belinda at |

    I noticed the change in taste, I’m going to look for a new brand, taste watered down. Bicardi was my go to rum! Very disappointed.


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