Bahamian Rum Run

I recently returned from a Bahamian cruise where I was able to bring back a few samples of Bahamian Rum. While the Bahamas isn’t known as a rum powerhouse, there are some fine folks at John Watling’s Distillery who are trying to change that reputation. My visit to John Watling’s Distillery will be covered in a posting later this week.

I also grabbed a few offerings from Ricardo Rums for future reviews.

Two tips for traveler’s headed to the Bahamas:

1. Take a taxi to John Watling’s Distillery. Nassau’s crime rate has sky rockets recently and walking the hills downtown can be tiresome. Negotiate your fare in advance, it should be $10-$15. You will be happy you did. Also, take a backpack to carry your bottles, er souvenirs, around in.

2. Visit the Tortuga Rum Cake Duty Free shop near Senor Frogs. Their prices were a full 1/2 less than the shops on Bay Street.

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