Bundaberg Master Distillers Collective – Two Eighty


It is with great joy that we announce the latest mouth-spoiling concoction from our esteemed Master Distillers’ Collective – Two Eighty.

And without further ado, you’re hereby invited to attend its official launch at The Bundaberg Distillery o​n Satu​rday Oct​ober 19​.

Crafting this remarkable drop took every drop of the Collective’s ingenuity. Their quest even took them to Kentucky, where they found charred barrels that had previously aged premium American whiskey.

Securing 280 of these, they then set about filling them with their finest seven-year-old rum.

Then they waited and tasted and tasted and waited, until the liquid reached its flavoursome peak. The result is a rich, dark rum with a bold, spicy character and a distinctively smooth, clean finish.

Poured into limited and numbered bottles, this delectable nectar is now waiting patiently inside the distillery for its launch. So come on up, down or sideways to the distillery o​n Saturday October 1​9 for a day of tasting, rumination and celebration in all things rum.

Pre-orders are available by calling (0​7) 413​1 29​89


Bundaberg Master Distillers’ Collection
Two Eighty Launch


Bundaberg Distilling Company,
Avenue Street, Bundaberg


Satu​rday Oct​ober 1​9, 8​am-1​pm


Hat, sunscreen, water

Queuing & Line Rules:

A full list will be available at the event. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • Advance queuing permitted from 1​2 no​on We​d 1​6 O​ct, security may ban rule-breakers, so please comply.
  • Line positions held overnight must be kept overnight, so make sure you’re comfy for the kip.
  • No minors to hold a position in the line please.
  • To keep it friendly for all, drinking isn’t permitted in line and bag checks may be carried out.
  • And remember, please keep it gentlemanly and ladylike.

Distillery Bottle & Gift Box Sales:

Bottle and gift box sales will commence at the distillery from 8am, Satur​day, October 19t​h, 2​013. Bottles numbered 4-1500 are limited to 1 per adult customer for $89.99 each, and will be presented with a FREE Limited Edition Master Distillers’ Collection Gift Box if purchased at the Distillery launch o​n Sat​urday 1​9th Octo​ber. Bottle numbers 1501+ are limited to 36 bottles per adult customer for $89.99 each, or $110.00 each with a Limited Edition Master Distillers’ Collection Gift Box. Gift boxes will also be available without bottle purchase for $30.00 each, limited to 36 boxes per adult customer.

Phone Pre-Orders:

Pre-Orders for Master Distillers’ Collection 280 can be made over the phone prior to Satu​rday 1​9th Oct​ober, however will not be processed unt​il Mon​day 2​1st Octo​ber, 20​13. Pre-orders made by phone will come with one FREE Limited Edition Master Distillers’ Collection Gift Box per 12 bottle order. Minimum purchase for phone orders is 12 bottles, mixed or straight dozen. Gift boxes will also be available without bottle purchase for $30.00 each, limited to 36 boxes per adult customer. Free shipping is offered for orders placed on the phone. Phone (0​7) 41​31 2​98​9 for details.

Webstore Sales:

Master Distillers’ Collection 280 will be available for purchase online at www.bdcbondstore.com.au from Mond​ay 21​st Oct​ober 20​13.

General Conditions:

Master Distillers’ Collection 280 and gift boxes will be available whilst stocks last. No further discounts apply. All bottles are individually numbered. Reasonable effort will be made to sell bottles in consecutive order, but cannot be guaranteed. Selected bottle numbers have been reserved by the BDC. If you have any enquiries please contact (0​7) 41​31 298​9 and follow the prompts.

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