Celebrating International Day of Ti Punch

How did you celebrate International Day of Ti’ Punch?

Most people will never have the opportunity to visit the French West Indies but they certainly can celebrate the spirit of this special island with every sip of a well made Ti’ Punch, the rum-based drink popular on all French-speaking Caribbean islands most notably Martinique.

Similar to it’s Cuban cousin the daiquiri, Ti’ Punch is quite different in its composure. While both cocktails contain a balanced mix of rum, lime and sugar the Ti’ Punch’s end flavor is quite different.

The key difference between a daiquri and Ti’ Punch is the latter’s substitution of rhum agricole in place of rum produced from molasses. Rhum Agricole is a produced from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and its sweet grassy and vegital notes mix quite differently with the sugar cane syrup (not simple syrup) that is used in Ti’ Punch.

SO I encourage everyone to pickup a bottle of Rhum Agricole, perhaps Neisson Reserve Speciale or Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum Agricole Vieux, to see why we celebrate Ti’ Punch.

Ti’ Punch


– 2 oz Rhum Agricole
– .5 oz fresh lime juice
– .5 oz Petite Canne Sugar Syrup


Add all ingredients to a rocks glass and stir. Add a few ice cubes. Stir to chill.

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