Charleston is a drinking city

Two interesting article from Charleston City Paper today reviewing the drinking habits of the Holy City. recently named Charleston the 4th drunkest city in America so City Paper decided to review the city’s history with shooters, including the Grand Ma shot, and where to find the city’s most expensive craft cocktails.

Kelly Rae Smith writes “A look at the Holy City’s favorite shooters over the years

Earlier this year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claimed that 38 million Americans drink too much. then analyzed the study and revealed the drunkest cities in America. Guess who stumbled up to claim its fourth-place prize? That’s right — the Holy City. But Charleston lushes are particular about the brands with which they binge. While we do drink our fair share of cheap booze, other shots have been known to sweep this city like no other.

Over the years, Charleston has picked its favorite liquors to down-in-one and make them trend-worthy. We spoke with bartenders and shot-takers alike to figure out what big shots have reigned supreme.” Read more…

Melissa Tunstall writes “A Roundup of Charleston’s Most Expensive Drinks

Most of the time, we’re happy to kick back with some cheap brews and happy-hour specials. But every so often, we like to feel like a baller. And Charleston sure knows how to mix drinks that cost a pretty penny. In our search of major-coin beverages, we found that a lot of these expensive elixirs revolve around whiskies. But we managed to find some that include tequila and rum, too. We also learned that a lot of the fancy restaurants, the ones where you’d expect to spend half your paycheck, actually have semi-affordable options; for instance, most of Peninsula Grill’s cocktails cost $10 — hello, date night.

For the sake of this list, however, we included cocktails that start at $15 and are on the bar’s regular menu. It’s easy to make a ballin’ cocktail by substituting lots of top-shelf liquors. Of course, if you think these drinks are expensive, then evidently you don’t know about the cocktail created for Grace Jones at London’s Gigi’s Mayfair. It cost $14,667, give a take a few pennies depending on the exchange rate that day. That makes these luxury sips sound like a deal. Read more…

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