Don Q Full Rebranded Lineup

Don Q Announces Brand Update

In anticipation of it’s 150th Anniversary, Destilería Serrallés, Inc. has updated its Don Q Rum brand with new packaging. The new look pays homage to the brands heritage with a “retro look”. To avoid confusion over the brands name, “Don” has been moved above the “Q” so there is no confusion over the brands name (apparently some new customers were referring to the brand as “Donk”).

“This new presentation is an extremely exciting and important moment for the brand as it elegantly showcases the brand’s DNA. For six-generations, we’ve been crafting exceptional rum and this new presentation stays true to the core elements of the brand while providing an appealing new look to our consumers” – Roberto J. Serrallés, Vice President, Destilería Serrallés

The new packaging will roll-out in select markets this August followed by national distribution this September. A multi-million dollar media campaign will include television, billboards, print, as well as on and off premise integrations, all supported by social media.

Before and After Rebranding

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