Expedition To Open Pop-Up Rum Shack In Antarctica

From thespiritsbusiness.com:

Rum ambassador Ian Burrell is taking on the South Pole’s Antarctic weather this month as he opens the world’s coldest pop-up rum shack.

An imaginging of Ian Burrell’s Antarctica rum shack, and the clientele it might serve
Burrell, founder of the UK RumFest and The Rum Experience, will journey 15,710km to Antarctica on 25 March with a crew of 40 to serve tropical rum cocktails in the area’s sub-zero temperatures.

The venture, which will also see Burrell serve the local community, is being run to raise funds and awareness for the Wine to Water campaign, an organisation that provides clean water to over 150,000 people in poverty-stricken areas around the world.

The journey will be filmed by an Australian film crew for TV show The Places We Go.

“Having spent the last 10 years spreading the gospel of rum throughout the world, visiting Antarctica seemed like the next natural step to bring rum to an entirely new destination and audience,” Burrell said.

“All money raised will go towards the Wine to Water campaign that will ultimately transform people’s lives by providing running clean water and raising the global water crisis.”

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