Ron de Jeremy

Invest in Ron de Jeremy Rum – EU only

Now this is interesting…

Ron de Jeremy Rum is looking for overseas investers to help carry their brand globally. For as little has 1000 euros, you two can be part owner of One Eyed Spirits brand.

Here’s the details:

Ron invites all his friends to rum business. This is CROWD INVESTING. With cojones.

With only 1000€ investment you can become part owner of the coolest spirits brand in the world and a real business partner with the Legend. We’re talking owners meetings with RON JEREMY and lifetime bragging rights at your local bar.

Shareholders will also have an access to owners’ only privileges. How about 30-year-old rum hand crafted by our MASTER BLENDER DON PANCHO FERNANDEZ? With your name on the label.

This is a unique opportunity!

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