JB’s PR%f Alcohol Ice Cream

JB_proof-logo-150 If you are visiting this site then you probably enjoy drinking rum. Some of our more adventurous visitors probably even cook with rum. But I am not aware of any of our visitor’s who have made their own rum-based ice cream but an upstart business, local to me in Columbia, South Carolina is doing just that to the tune of 7% alcohol per 4 ounce serving!

JB’s Pr%f Alcohol Ice Cream does not simply soak some fruit or nuts in alcohol and add it to their ice cream. No, no, no! JB’s Pr%f has developed a patent-pending process that fully incorporates alcohol into their frozen treats. Here’s how they describe it:

What makes us different is right there in our name…the percentage in PR%F. Other companies out there claim to have alcohol in their frozen treats. You’ll find popsicles, “infused” products, and more. But the truth is – they can’t freeze the alcohol…Our patent-pending process is the only way to keep the alcohol frozen in the ice cream, so the two can co-exist in their creamy state of deliciousness.

JB’s Pr%f Alcohol Ice Cream’s current product line includes eight intriguing flavors. At this time, they only sell directly to restaurants and bars in the area. Their flavors include:

– Chocolate Bourbon
– Peach Bourbon
– Vanilla Rum
– Mint Julep
– Vanilla Moonshine
– Chocolate Mocha Moonshine
– Vanilla Bourbon
– Coconut Rum

Vanilla Rum Ice Cream
Vanilla Rum Ice Cream
Vanilla Rum With our three vanilla flavors, it’s clear we understand its popularity. Well, rum is pretty well-liked too. So we combined the two famous flavors to make one darn good ice cream.
Coconut Rum Ice Cream
Coconut Rum One taste of this and you’ll yearn for a lounge chair on a Caribbean beach. The coconut flavor is over-the-top and the rum just completes the daydream.
JB’s Proof Ice Cream
Website: http://jbsproof.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jbsproof
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jbs_proof

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