Kentucky’s Second Sight Spirits Releases Black Belly Navy Strength Rum

Kentucky distiller Second Sight Spirits is the latest spirit company to release a Navy Strength Rum.

“This bold new navy strength rum is a collaboration between Second Sight Spirits and illustrator and tattoo artist Brian Level of Illuminaut Tattoo. Brian has created incredible art for our distillery including the tree for our Oak Eye Kentucky Bourbon label and a palm reading poster that shows our life line crossing our bourbon line. In return, we’ve developed Brian’s recipe for a flavorful rum with black tea, spearmint, and vanilla beans at 114 proof. It’s as dynamic and bold as Brian himself.”

The new rum’s label draws “upon traditional Japanese tattoo design” which includes “a Japanese mask with dark and mysterious lore to inspire the label design and flavor profile”.

Second Sight Spirits Black Belly Release party is scheduled for Thursday, September 27 from 5pm-8pm. Available at the release party, the first 88 bottles have been signed by the artist for release. Retail price is $25.00, 375ml bottle.

Second Sight Spirits
301 B Elm Street
Ludlow, KY 41016

With a background in sets and props, former Cirque Du Soleil employees, Carus Waggoner and Rick Couch create a themed distiller at Second Sight Spirits in Ludlow, Kentucky (Phil Didion for WCPO).

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