Key West Distilling coming soon

Yesterday a friend and I toured, tasted and chatted with the fine folks at Six & Twenty Distillery in Piedmont, SC.  I’ll post in full about the tasting tour soon.

We learned that the Six & Twenty guys had recently been down to Key West, FL to help install a new Artisan Still Design still at Key West Distilling.

Not a whole lot of information available yet on Key West Distilling or when product will be available but it’s one this Parrot Head will keep an eye on. I’m going to try and stop by their location when I’m in Key West next week. Their at 524 Southard Street, Key West, FL.

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Six & Twenty Distillery wrote on Facebook:

“Cooter and I just got back from Key West Distilling in Key West Fl. The weather was awesome and this 60 gallon Super Still by Artisan Still Design went up nicely. Jeff will be able to make any type spirit known but loves to make rum. He’ll be up and running soon and will appreciate your support when you visit Key West.”

Key West Distilling Still

Photos courtesy of Six & Twenty Distillery.

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