New Widows Walk Overproof Rum From Thomas Tew

WidowsWalk_ThomasTew_Overproof_small Newport, RI-based Newport Distilling Company has announced the release of their second rum expression, Widows Walk Overproof rum.

Finding only watered-down white rums on the market, Newport Distilling Company, producers of Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum, got inspired to produce an unaged, white rums that would not get lost in multi-ingredient cocktails. Widows Walk, bottled at a throat-warming 135 proof (67.5% ABV), has a concentrated flavor that is bold enough to shine when mixed.

Produced from blackstrap molasses in a single pot still, Widows Walk has “a buttery nose up front followed by a grassy cane flavor and finishing with dark molasses notes.”

The name, Widow’s Walk, is an ode to Newport’s rum heyday and the seafaring life surrounding Newport’s port. Because life on the sea can be dangerous, a sailor’s return was never guaranteed. Ship owners and loved ones built small, rooftop structures on harbor side houses that were used as look outs for their loved one’s safe return. Unfortunately these structures became known as “widows walks” as reference to the many sailors who never returned.

“There are lots of distillers making flavored rums and lower proof white rums. An overproof white rum is a unique expression that is focused on our meticulous process and the spirit itself.” – Thomas Tew Master Distiller Brent Ryan

Newport Distilling has been producing beer and spirits for 10+ years and is distributed in over 13 states. Widows Walk will soon be available in RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD,DC, SC, GA, FL, and IL. Widows Walk arrives with an MSRP of $35/liter bottle.

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