Passion Fruit “Mai Tai”

Passion Fruit Mai Tai

Finding myself with an entire container of Passion Fruit Juice in need of a cocktail, I decided to search for some recipes. I came across Bobby Flay’s “Mai Tai”  plus a few others on the Food Network’s website.

Being a Tiki-phile. I acknowledge that this cocktail is FAR from what I would call a Mai Tai but it was interesting enough to mix up.

How would I describe this drink? It’s not really a Tiki drink but it’s definitely a sunny day, poolside type drink. Passion Fruit brings a strong, grapefruit-like citrus flavor. It also has a bit of orange juice sweetness (perhaps the Tripe Sec). I used Tommy Bahama White Sands for my Light rum and unfortunately it was completely lost in this drink. The Dark Rum, I used Coruba Dark, mellowed the bitterness of the Passion Fruit.

I’m not sure I would drink a pitcher of these but I would like to have another once summer arrives.

Passion Fruit Mai Tai

2 oz Light rum
2 oz Triple Sec
4 oz Passion Fruit juice
Ice cubes
1oz Dark rum
Lime wedge (I didn’t have any limes)

Shake first 3 ingredients over ice. Strain over ice and float Dark rum over the top. Garnish with lime wedge.

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