President Obama lifts limit on Cuban rum

In the continued efforts to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba, President Obama has lifted the previously $100 limit of Cuban rum and cigars for US citizens visiting the island nation.

Presidential Policy Directive — United States-Cuba Normalization

However, this change does not allow travelers to bring back unlimited amounts of rum and cigars. The undefined amount of “reasonable consumption for personal use” still applies as do normal duties. This change for travel purchases is now universal. So American tourists can also purchase Cuban rum and cigars in other countries and legally bring them back to the U.S. also.

Southwest Airlines has announced daily, one-way flights from Fort Lauderdale, FL-to-Cuba for $59/person if booked more than two-weeks in advance. So be sure to take an extra suitcase when you fly down!

Be aware that travelers may bring back rum and cigars, valued less than $800, duty free every 31 days. Any purchases over that amount are subject to a flat 4% rate of duty.

Note: The new decree still prohibits online and mail order sales and the importation of Cuban rum and cigars for anything other than personal use. So that means you will not be seeing any Cuban rums on US shelves anytime soon.

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