Review: Ron Matusalem Platino

Ron Montusalem Platino Rum 
Est. 1872

Original Cuban Formula
Platino 40%

I found that Ron Montusalem Platino Rum presents nicely. Its clear bottle has a burgundy neck capped with a synthetic cork. The bottle includes a raised Dove emblem and proudly declares that each bottle contains the “Spirit of Cuba” (even though the rum is produced and aged in the Dominican Republic).

Ron_Matusalem_Platino-largePlatino does not have a very discernible aroma. I caught a slight citrus notes but, for the most part, it seemed blank to my nose. Giving it a quick swirl, I noticed the Platino’s thick legs which is unusual for white rums. I would guess that Platino’s strong legs come from its ageing and the fact that it is triple distilled.

Serving this rum neat allowed me to notice its sweet entry followed by a smokey, almost burnt, taste. I know this will sound strange but Ron Montusalem Platino Rum just feels good in mouth while drinking it. It has a smooth viscosity with a slight coating effect. It doesn’t have a ton of flavor but the notes detected are good. The remain does bring some lingering burn to the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat.

Serving Ron Montusalem Platino Rum over ice  demonstrates many of the trademarks of Dominican Republic rums. Dominican Republic rums are extremely smooth, somewhat subtle and often understated. When chilled, the Ron Montusalem’s flavor almost disappeared but it still was quite enjoyable. Because DR rums are not fussy or overstated, this rum continuse to taste smooth and nice on the lips and mouth.

Lastly I tried the Ron Montusalem Platino Rum mixed with Coke Zero. This was kinda wasteful because the rum is too subtle to mix.It did increase the Coke Zero sweetness level and by the end of the drink I was able to note a slight pepper flavor mixed with a very subtle smokiness. Its gentility sets it up to be lost in the mix.  When it is blended into a drink it becomes almost imperceivable. You could probably substitute the Platino for vodka in some mixed drinks and not notice a difference. Platino allows other cocktail ingredients to stand on their own.

I can not state this enough, Ron Montusalem Rum feels creamy in mouth and is pleasureful to drink. It is definitely one of the better white rums that I’ve tasted. It is subtle, smooth and almost creamy.

8 of 10

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