Review: Westerhall Plantation Rum

Westerhall_Plantation_Rum_LargeOriginally posted: 1/28/2011 @

Westerhall Plantation Rum is a light, young Rum distilled from fermented molasses in Grenada, West Indies. Most Westerhall Plantation bottles come with a black wax seal unfortunately mine did not. I paid $24.99 for 750ml.

At 86 proof, Westerhall is slightly higher alcohol content than most other Rums. Even without the wax seal I really like their bottle. It’s got an “old world” feel including a Grenada island map, north star, sailing ship, etc. My bottle also included a batch number (8001) which, though meaningless to most, was a nice touch.

It’s light honey color matches its honey, citrus and light caramel aroma. I was a bit worried about drinking it straight since it’s only aged three years but it proved to be fine neat or on ice. The higher alcohol content meant it packed a strong spicy burn but the linger of orange/citrus and lemon grass made it more interesting than your average young RUM.

It’s understated tones resonated when mixed with Coke Zero and was delightful. The orange/citrus, lemon grass with notes of vanilla, caramel and very subtle oak and pepper were very enjoyable. I liked this rum a lot.

7.5 of 10

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