Rum & Cocktails Week In Review 3/21/15

Plantation Original Dark Rum
Plantation Original Dark Rum

Kiepersol Estates is a winery and a distillery in Tyler, Texas. Known more for their wine, their spirits are starting to get some welcome attention. Read More. reports that Cognac Ferrand has changed the production process of Plantation Original Dark Rum. Previously Plantation Original Dark Rum was produced from a blend of Trinidad & Tobago rums but now it will also include Jamaican rums. They also have updated the packaging for Original Dark to “further reinforces the family ‘look’ that started with the 3 Stars and continued to great effect with the Stiggins Fancy.” The addition of Jamaican rum to the blend brings in small quantity of high ester, pot still rum to provide what rum aficionados call “rum funk”. It seems Ferrand prefers the term “HOGO” which is a word derived from the French ‘haut gout’ or ‘high taste’. Plantation Rums are known for their double ageing process so the Original Dark is no different. The two rums are blended and barreled to be aged a second time. takes you on a cocktail trip around New Orleans. They identify seven “Can’t Miss” cocktails: Sazerac, Milk Punch, Ramons Gin Fizz, Gnome’s Cup, French 75, Vieux Carré, and the The Big Red Hammer. has a look at Guadeloupe’s Damouiseau Rhum Vieux 8 Ans Cuvée du Millenaire.

Rum expert Jeff “Beachbum” Berry of Latitude 29 in New Orleans calls out six of his favorite rums. His list is pretty good.

Rum University encourages you to try making your own Honey Rum Liqueur.

This week the United Kingdom announced a cut to spirits duty. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s 2015 budget cuts all spirits duty by 2%, pints of beer will see a penny savings and cider duty will also be cut by 2%.

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