Rum & Cocktails Week In Review – 5/15/15

Courtesy of Monkey Rum
Courtesy of Monkey Rum
Zane Lamprey is hosting a string of launch parties around Florida as he introduces his Monkey Rum line to the Florida market. Lamprey’s rums are distilled in Trinidad and barrel-aged in American bourbon barrels. Monkey Spiced Rum is aged for two years which imbue it with palette complexity and a soft amber hue. Monkey Coconut Rum is aged six months and then has toasted coconut infeand then

The spiced rum, for instance, is aged for two years, giving the rum complexity and a natural amber color. Then, just a touch of natural spices are added to enhance the existing rum, rather than mask it.

Both of his rums, coconut rum and spiced rum, are infused with natural ingredients. (See more at:

The bottles, by the way, are barrel shaped and are designed to be professionally cut into a perfect rocks glass. As for the “barrel of monkeys’ reference in the shape of the container? “We didn’t originally even think of that expression. That wasn’t our intention. We were looking to convey he fact that the rums are barrel aged, actually, because you don’t really think of flavored rums as being barrel aged.”

MalibuBeachHouseSweepstakes_051715 Malibu Rum announced the Malibu Beach House Summer Sweepstakes this week.

Malibu Rum is giving away prizes to make this summer even more fun in their Malibu Beach House Summer Sweepstakes. Enter and you could win a trip to one of three different music festivals, a month’s worth of Pandora music, and much more.

Malibu Summer Beach House Sweepstakes
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Fortress Rum is produced by Guysborough-based Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company, in partnership with Parks Canada’s Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, where the rum has been maturing in oak barrels at its Magazin du Roi since September 2013.

Launched in February 2015, Fortress Rum, Authentic Seacoast Company president Glynn Williams said the expression is selling extremely well during its first few months of release. (See more at:

To say that we’re thrilled with the response would be a total understatement,” he said. “It’s wonderful to have the support and encouragement of folks in Cape Breton for this product. It really is great. – Glynn Williams, President of Authentic Seacoast Company

Nashville Singer Jared Ashley
Nashville Singer Jared Ashley
Shellback Caribbean Rum announced Nashville singer and songwriter Jared Ashley as their new brand ambassador. Shellback Rum’s name refers to the brotherhood of mariners who have voyaged across the Equator and these sailors’ sense of camaraderie and adventure.

Ashley achieved his shellback distinction in 1999 while serving in the United States Navy aboard the USS Independence and USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carriers. Following his naval service, Ashley was a finalist on season four of USA Network’s “Nashville Star” and gaining national recognition. (See more at:

Venezuela’s failing economy has led many Scotch drinkers to become rum drinkers. Rum sales have increased by more than a quarter here, while whiskey sales shrank by one-third. The country’s ranking for world whiskey consumption fell from 9th place to 14th place. A big beneficiary of this switch has been Venezuela’s own Hacienda Santa Teresa. (See more at:

Courtesy of Outer Banks Distilling
Courtesy of Outer Banks Distilling
Outer Banks Distilling announced this week via Facebook the release of Batch 1 of its long-awaited Kill Devil Rum. The Manteo, NC based distillery saw brisk sales during the first day of release with one ABC store noting they sold through 10 cases of Kill Devil Rum in just over an hour. With a retail price of $24, each bottle is hand-numbered by batch and initialed. (See more at:

The Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development examined global drinking trends and their new report reveals that more affluent, higher educated people — mainly white men — drink the most. The research also notes that poor men and rich women are more likely to engage in binge drinking than any other segments of the population. (See more at:

Jeffersons_VeryRare_24_Rum The Rum Story has released a new Bourbon Casks Aged Rum. The rum has been stored in a Liverpool Bonded Warehouse since the Rum Story opened. Only a few hundred collectible decanters will be available exclusively at the Rum Story.

Jefferson’s Very Rare Rum is a rich blend of 24 and 26 year old rums that was matured in old oak bourbon casks which has added notes of vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch. Rich and fruity with a nose of warm spice, almonds and leather. On the palate the rum’s smooth texture is dominated by warm toffee and fruit cake with hints of honeycomb, liquorice and molasses at the finish. Each decanter is priced at £95. (See more at:

Raleigh Rum Company Raleigh, North Carolina based Raleigh Rum Company recently began shipping their first batch of rum. Backed by Kickstarter funding, three college graduates launched their operation to create small batch rums from scratch. (See more at:

Photo courtesy of Montanya Rum
Photo courtesy of Montanya Rum

Montanya Distillers, based in Crested Butte, MT, learned that their Platino Light Rum was selected as ‘Best White Rum’ at this year’s World Rum Awards. Platino Light Rum was entered into the white rum category, alongside more than one hundred rums from all over the world. (See more at:

It’s probably the coolest award we’ve won so far and it’s the highest honor you can win in that category. The gold medals are amazing for us, but best-in-class is the holy grail. – Karen Hoskin, CEO and co-founder Montanya Distillers

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