Rum Cart

Rum Trader’s Rum Cart

Rum Cart Over the past few years The Rum Trader’s rum collection has grown to semi-ridiculous proportions. Originally I confined my rums to two lower kitchen cabinets while other alcohols, mixers, bar items, etc. were held in two upper kitchen cabinets.

My wife’s reluctant accomodation to this arrangement has been strained as the collection has expanded eventually taking over more and more cabinets and eventually spilling over onto the counter tops.

There were so many rum bottles I honestly had no idea what I had. So for Christmas, my wife bought me a kitchen cart to be used as a rolling bar as well as a home for some of the collection.

This has been a GREAT addition for me. The cart now holds all of my barware, mixers, some glassware and many rum bottles. I’ve been able to better organize the collection (108 bottles; 77 mini-bottles), create a path for moving through the collection and keep an inventory of what I’ve got. My goal is to track my inventory better and fill in some gaps (by region) within the collection.

My latest addtions are on the way from as I type. I recently ordered Roaring Dan’s Maple Flavored Rum and since RedRum is no longer available in South Carolina, I must use mailorder to restock this rum for my wife.

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