Short Path Distillery Gold Rum Is Now Available

ShortPathDistillery_GoldRum_Batch1 Massachusetts-based Short Path Distillery announced the release of the first two batches of Short Path Distillery’s Gold Rum! Batch 1 went on sale last Friday, February 5th.

Short Patch Distillery aged two batches of their signature white rum for several months in used Whiskey Barrels from Damnation Alley Distillery. After tasting 15 different blend ratios and strengths for their Gold Rum, Short Path’s tastings determined that each batch’s own unique characteristics were better alone than together. So, they have decided to release two batches of Gold Rum instead of a single blend. Batch 1 was released last week on Friday February 5th while Batch 2 will be released some time in the next few months.

Short Path Gold Rum Batch 1 “leads with banana and fig on the nose, sips with smooth notes of vanilla, caramel, and clove, and finishes with sweet malty notes of butterscotch and caramel.” Batch 1 is bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV) and is available in 375ml bottles.

Short Path Distillery

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