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The Rum Lab Announces USA 2022 Rum Tour

The Rum Lab, with the goal of continually growing the education and category of premium rum across the United States, released the agenda for its USA 2022 Rum Tour. The series of events are the Chicago Rum FestivalNew York Rum FestivalMiami Rum Congress, and the San Francisco Rum Fest (a.k.a California Rum Festival). In addition to two new events: The Seattle and Los Angeles Rum Festival.

Each event provides an unrivaled experience that showcases more than 60-90 premium rum brand expressions from around the world and gives attendees intimate access to brand reps, tastings, and educational symposiums.

Throughout the years, the tour has generated a wave of rum aficionados globally by enlightening both food & beverage industry participants and consumers of sugarcane-based spirits. The attendees have had a profound effect on rum appreciation and consumption. Increasingly, fascinated consumers are driven to seek out quality rum when purchasing the spirit.

The U.S. 2022 Rum Tour will include:

1) Miami Rum Congress | February 11th and 12th March 11th and 12th

The U.S. Rum Lab and U.K. RumFest join forces to host the 3rd annual Miami Rum Congress at the Hilton Cabana in Miami Beach, Fla. 

2) Chicago Rum Festival | April 30th

Going to its 5th event, the Chicago Rum Festival (also known as the Midwest Rum Fest) will take place at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Ill.

3) New York Rum Festival | June 18th 

The Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea NYC will anchor the 5th annual New York Rum Festival. This year the event is taking place the same week as the Brooklyn Bar Convent and Tiki by the Sea.

4) Seattle Rum Festival | September 2nd 

AFAN Foundation in collaboration with The Rum Lab is proud to present the 1st Seattle Rum Festival at the Washington Hall. 

5) San Francisco Rum Festival | September 4th

Originally names the California Rum Festival, The Rum Lab is proud to present the 7th annual San Francisco Rum Festival. The event will be held at the historical Hibernia Bank – San Francisco, CA.

6) Los Angeles Rum Festival | September 9th 

Concluding its 2022 tour, The Rum Lab presents the 1st annual Los Angeles Rum Festival which will take place at The Majestic Ballroom, downtown LA. 

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