Southernmost Point of the USA

The Rum Trader is off to Key West

Southernmost Point of the USAIn about 4 hours I will be flying out for a week of R&R (Rum & Rum) in Key West, FL. I plan on visiting Pat Croce’s Rum Barrel and the Speakeasy’s Rum Bar while on the island. I will try to post some pictures during the trip and keep everyone informed of the things I see and hear.

I do know that I will be enjoying a liter of The Rum Trader’s latest self-aged rum. This batch was a blend of Cruzan Aged rum and Admiral Nelson’s Spiced rum which spent almost four months in my 5L American White Oak barrel. I’ve had a sampling with Coke Zero and I’ve got to admit it’s pretty tasty.

Well, I am off for some fun adventure. Check back soon for photos and comments.

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