Thomas Tew 8-year-old Single Barrel Rum gift packs

2015ThomasTew_GiftPackSavor the spirit of Rhode Island This Holiday Season!

Ring in the holiday season with this treasured spirit and be sure to keep an eye out for our truly unique holiday gift packs. What’s in the gift pack you ask? A 750ml bottle of Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum, an old fashioned rocks glass emblazoned with the Tew logo and an actual piece of the barrel the rum was aged in. The wood is solid American oak and a big part of what makes Thomas Tew so flavorful. Take a closer look and you’ll see the char from the inside of the barrel and a well defined line in this “stave” which shows how far the rum penetrated into the barrel. It’s a piece of history and an illustration of how only patience and time can produce a rum this good.

About Thomas Tew Single Barrel: After aging, the distillers hand select the spirit they’ve deemed ready, one barrel at a time, and hand label each bottle according to which barrel it came from.

2015ThomasTew_GiftPackBarrel95 Our exclusive offering to you for this year are gift packs from barrel 95! That’s right 9-5!! This barrel was filled during our humble beginnings at our first distillery on Oliphant Lane and survived the arduous journey to our new distillery on JT Connell Rd. Here the barrel has laid dormant for nearly 8 years but matured just in time for this holiday season. Guess good things really do come to those who wait.

Thomas Tew Rum

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