U.S. befriends Cuba again! How soon can we get their rum?

After 50+ years, the United States announced today that it will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba. An embassy will open in Havana and legal US travel will be allowed for the first time in decades.

For rum lovers, this is great news. Before Castro came to power, Cuba was a rummy heaven. After all of the years of isolation, Cuba rum now can be experienced LEGALLY by U.S. drinkers. I know that it will take awhile before that happens but as political tensions ease, a day trip from Key West to Cuba might be an easy day trip to grab some Havana goodness.

I look forward to sampling some true Havana Club, Santiago, Caney, or Mulata (Aguardiente) sometime soon.

Ron Mulata

I found this blog post quite interesting about visiting Cuba on a rum trip. It’s worth the read.

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