Uncharted Rums: Shellback Caribbean Rum (Silver/Spiced)

Rum discovery is something celebrated greatly at TheRumTrader.com. I have spent hours on the quest like a pirate looking for treasure. Driving to out-of-the-way “Mom & Pop” liquor stores searching for something new…spent hours reading about unique distilleries and new rums (small batch, regional, limited editions, etc.).

There is a thrill the first time I uncover a rum unknown to me. I want to examine the bottle, peruse the label, open it, inhale it’s aroma, taste the contents, savor its uniqueness.

To that end I have decided to dedicate a weekly article I am calling “Uncharted Rums”. The world is full of rums that are unfamiliar to most spirit’s shoppers. It is my goal to highlight many of these rums.

The first “Uncharted Rum” highlighted by The Rum Trader is:

Shellback Caribbean Rum

A new spirit from E & J Gallo Winery, Shellback get’s its name from an old naval term for a sailor who crosses the equater for the first time. A sailor who’s never crossed over is considered a polliwog and upon crossing must be put through the Shellback ceremony. Through the years this ceremony has varied greatly but it is a ritual taken seriously by sailor’s for 100s of years. “Available in two expressions, Silver and Spiced, Shellback Rum is produced at  the century-old West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) on the island of Barbados,  the birthplace of rum.”

“The taste of the Caribbean pursues a modern  progression with the debut of Shellback Rum, a new premium rum for today’s  contemporaries. Named after a proud naval tradition conferring the title of  “Shellback” to experienced sailors who have achieved the landmark triumph of  crossing the equator, Shellback Rum celebrates achievement at its highest  standards. Introducing a refined taste and sophisticated progression in rum,  Shellback Rum unites authentic Caribbean  tradition with a thoughtful regard for delivering a memorable, full-flavored,  ‘Rum Found Worthy.'”

Shellback-rum-silver-and-spiced From Shellback.com:

Shellback Silver Rum


Shellback Silver is a crisp, clean-tasting rum for the sophisticated palate. Its floral overtones are layered with the suggestion of vanilla and tropical fruit to provide a sweet, smooth taste that’s just right for sipping or mixing in one of our signature cocktails.

Shellback Spiced Rum


ShellbackTM Spiced is a smooth-tasting, medium-bodied rum of remarkable quality. With no sugar added, its 12 exotic spices combine to offer unique overtones of caramelized honey, cinnamon and vanilla to create the distinguished taste you’re ready for.

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