Uncharted Rums: Ron Miel Honey Rum


Ron Miel Guanche Arehucas Honey Rum From Spain (Rum With Honey Added From The Canary Islands)

Ron Miel means “Honey Rum”. It is the métier of the Canary Islands; Arehucas, the oldest distillery in the Canary Islands, produces the highest quality and the most popular Ron Miel. Beginning with rum that they distilled from molasses and age for seven years, it is then blended with natural honey harvested from neighboring islands (which are famous for their superior honey) to create a recherché flavor alliance that is unequaled.

The name itself explains the aromas you get when nosing: honey and rum. There are scents of flowers, citrus zest, chocolate, vanilla and a range of other aromas that are all intrinsically bound to honey and rum.

On the palate it is sweet, quite sweet, like HONEY mixed with rum. The finish dawdles, conjuring fields of wildflowers and other evocative mental images. Sip Ron Miel or mix it with coffee, tea or milk; also you could use it as the sweetener in a delicious cocktail, and of course, there are limitless culinary possibilities: pour it on fruit, pastries, use it as a marinade or a glaze.

You can order Ron Miel Honey Rum online from Total Wine, Merwins Liquors, Binny’s Beverage Depot or ask Copa Spirits directly.


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