Video: Bacardi Presents: The House Party

Looking to win over Millennial drinkers, Bacardi has launched a new ad campaign entitled “House Party”. This is the first major ad campaign from Bacardi since they completely revamped their marketing strategy earlier in 2015.

“House Party” will be a full multi-channel campaign intent on targeting Millennial consumers. Consisting of 30 & 60-second video spots, it will include a full digital, mobile, and brand partnership marketing blitz.

The stakes are high and we are in this to win. It’s a real step-change in how the brand is marketed, supported by an unprecedented A&P spend. Bacardi remains the number one rum but there’s work to be done to strengthen the brand and engage consumers in a more relevant way. – Mauricio Vergara, Chief Marketing Officer for North America & Global Lead for Bacardi Rum

This ad campaign is HUGE for Bacardi Rum because of declining sales (down 1 million cases in 2014).

In addition to the TV spot, the campaign will include real house parties that consumers can attend. Live House Party starts with a Halloween bash, October 31st in Philadelphia, PA. Bacardi will then take House Party on a flat bed truck down the East Coast of the US. (Read more about this at:

We want to connect with Millennials in their preferred channels, so we’ve put together a really strong multi-channel approach across the entire program of activity. – Fabio Di Giammarco, Global Vice President, Bacardi Rum

One of the first cross-brand promotions see Bacardi teaming up with Future Hendrix and his ‘Hats By Future’ hat line launch. See the video below.

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