Video: Let’s Talk Tiki Garnishes: A Shake Up with Paul McGee and Shelby Allison

Banana Dolphin (Courtesy of Clayton Hauck)
Lost Lake Bananana Dolphin (Courtesy of Clayton Hauck)

Tales Of The Cocktail sponsored a free ‘shake up’ video seminar with Paul McGee and Shelby Allison, partial owners of Chicago’s Lost Lake Tiki Bar. Playboy Magazine named Lost Lake the nation’s ‘2015 Best Neighborhood Bar’ while Imbibe Magazine named Lost Lake their 2016 Cocktail Bar Of The Year.

Lost Lake is known for the over-the-top garnishes they add to every cocktail including their famous Banana Dolphins. In the video, Paul admits that Lost Lake spends up to $1/drink on garnishes. They also explain that Lost Lake bartenders are encouraged to be creative with garnishes allowing them to assemble and design with their own presentation style.

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