Bacardi introduces premium Facundo Rum Collection


After several years in development, the Bacardi Rum company today announced the Facundo Rum Collection, a limited set of four very high quality aged rums for the luxury market.

Named for company founder Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, these hand-crafted rums are intended to appeal to upscale Scotch and Cognac enthusiasts, with limited initial distribution in New York and Miami.

The new line starts with Neo ($45), a clear spirit aged up to eight years, featuring a rich texture that brings tones of fruit, floral notes and oak to classic cocktails.

The range continues with Eximo ($60), featuring a blend of aged rum marques matured together for ten years in American oak, offering a medium to heavy bodied spirit with hints of walnut and vanilla.

Expertly crafted from seven to 23 year old rums, Exquisito ($90) is a fine sipper finished in sherry casks for rich tones of dark dried fruit, baking spices and toasted oak.

The top-of-the-line expression is Paraíso, suggesting a paradisiacal experience on the palate, a description that does not disappoint. At $250 a bottle, the ultimate Facundo luxury rum is a masterful blend of the family’s finest reserves, matured up to 23 years and finished in Cognac casks with luscious notes of raisin, cloves and cinnamon, vanilla custard and a long warm finish.

Robert Burr and fellow members of the International Rum Expert Panel (RumXPs) were invited to offer feedback at several points during the two year process of developing these rums under the direction of Bacardi’s Senior Master Blender Manny Oliver.

“When company leader Facundo Bacardi (fifth generation from the founder) decided to create the finest rums this iconic brand could offer, we were honored and delighted to be a small part of that process,” said Burr.

“These rums are certain to catch the attention of serious rum enthusiasts and collectors and serve to elevate the reputation of the brand, while simultaneously raising the stature of the entire rum category to match that of the finest Whiskeys, Cognacs and Single Malt Scotches.”

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  1. Mark
    Mark at |

    where can I find a bottle of the Paraiso?

  2. Robert Burr
    Robert Burr at |

    These luxury rums are only available in a handful of leading liquor stores in Miami and New York.


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