Barcelona Rum Congress (Oct. 24-25, 2016)

Barcelona_Rum_Congress_Logo_2016Nowadays, more and more rum fests are organized in Europe and all around the world, but one city was missing for now, even if it’s a capital city for cocktails and party: Barcelona!

Today, this will change, because next to the already world known Congresso International de Madrid, organised by Don Javier Herrera for a couple of years, a second one will take place on October 24th and 25th, under the name BRC (Barcelona Rum Congress), right after the UK Rumfest. But, this one swill be organized by an other independent company.

Casa Llotja de Mar
Casa Llotja de Mar

About the location, this first time event will take place at the Casa Llotja de Mar, located on the sea front in the historical center of Barcelona it’s one of the most significant and splendid monuments representing the economy and culture of the city. It was built in the second-half of the 14th century, the most brilliant period of Catalan Gothic style.

The two days program is divided in 3 major parts, with the first one called exhibition whichone will include a mixology challenge, a networking zone and the tasting and showcase hall where all the brands will have their booths.

The second part will be about education and includes masterclasses (see schedule underneath), keynotes (20 minutes conferences), “bar talks”, and tête-à-tête with experts from the rum industry.

Masterclass schedule:

Monday, Oct 24th:

17.30-18.30: Bar Metrics Cost Optimization in Bars
19-20: Tasting Masterclass
20.30-22: Speed Barman

Tuesday, Oct 25th:

17.30-18.30: Ron Agricole (with Benoît Bail) and Spiced Rums
19.-20: Tasting Masterclass
20.30-21.30: Tiki Tasting Masterclass
The last part of this new congress will be the experience part and will include a mixology lab corner, concerts and a tech and design lab, introducing tech innovations and creative ideas from entrepreuners out of the bar and restaurant world.

Schedule of the conferences:

Monday, Oct 24th:

16.30: Delegates Reception
17: Welcome Keynote: State of the Rum Industry
17.15: A world of Rum: Controled Designations of Origin and Classification
18: Branding for Bartenders: The Key to Success for Bartenders
18.30: Pre-Batch Cocktails: The Work Behind Good Customer Service
19: The Mixologist as The New Alchemist: Lab Instruments in Bars
19.30: Do We All Want to Be Brand Ambassadors? Lights & Shadows
20: Botanicals in The World of Rum: How to incorporate them in Mixology
20.30: The Revival of Tiki and The importance of Rum Blends
21: Closing Remarks

Tuesday, Oct 25th:

16.30: Delegates Reception
17: Welcome Keynote: Trends in The World of Rum
17.30: How to open a Killer Rum BAr: Do’s & Don’ts
18.15: Latest Bar & Restaurant trends: From Technology to New F&B Consumption
18.45: Crafted Rum: How to create your own Craft Brand
19.15: Rum Tourism: How can Rum be a travel destination
19.45: Labels: Truth and Lies and How to Pinpoint Them
20.15: The Punch is Back: Back to Basics & the sharing culture
20.45: The secret of Gin’s Success: Can it be repeated by the Rum Industry
21.15: Closing Remarks

Barcelona Rum Congress


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