Cockspur Introduces Splash Flavoured Rums

Cockspur Rum recently launched its first flavoured rums with the release of Splash. These new Flavoured Spirit Blends are available in two fresh flavors: Splash Green Apple and Splash Pineapple-Coconut. Available in 350ml and 750ml bottles, Splash Flavored rums are bottled at 56 pr00f (28% ABV). reports:

“Development of Cockspur Splash Rum took approximately 10 months. A number of blends were developed and market trials were conducted. The top performing flavours, Pineapple Coconut and the Green Apple, were selected for production. The product, which is available in a 350ml and 750ml size, has since become the only Bajan-made, fruit-flavored, white rum.”

Cockspur Splash is currently only available in the Bajan market but there are plans to expand distribution into other markets.


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    Hi. Do you export Cockspur Splash to the UK?


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