Don Pancho Origenes Rum coming to U.S.

LAKE BLUFF, Ill., Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Terlato Wines, a leading U.S. marketer of luxury wines and spirits, announced today an exclusive, long-term agreement to import and market the luxury rum brand, Don Pancho Origenes, as the newest addition to its Artisan Spirits portfolio. Don Pancho Origenes is produced by the legendary Cuban master rum distiller, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, who is globally recognized as one of the most experienced and respected master blenders in the world, at his Las Cabras Distillery in Panama. Terlato will import Don Pancho Origenes 30-year-old and 18-year-old rums and eventually, an 8-year-old rum.

“Our portfolio is a collection of distinctive and highly acclaimed brands from around the world. As soon as we tasted Don Pancho, we knew it was the ideal rum partner for our luxury spirits portfolio,” said Terlato Wines CEO William A. Terlato. “It transcends all conventional concepts about rum, and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with not only the finest rums, but also the finest aged whiskies in the world. This is a connoisseur’s rum, meant to be enjoyed as a fine spirit. We know that luxury whisky aficionados are exploring other brown spirits – and Don Pancho super-premium rums will soon be on their radars.”

“We are extremely pleased to be working with the Terlato family as we introduce Don Pancho Origenes in key markets internationally, said Carlos Esquivel, executive director of Don Pancho. “The Terlato approach to luxury brand building impressed me a great deal and we could feel a shared passion, rooted in quality. We’re excited to build the Don Pancho brand with them.”

Icon of the Rum Industry

After learning the distilling craft from Master Distiller Don Ramon Corrales Fernandez, Don Pancho was instrumental in modernizing Cuba’s rum industry in the 1970s. After Cuba’s national brand was acquired, he relocated to Panama, where, in the 1990s, he discovered a neglected distillery in the Herrera region of Panama, which he built into the Las Cabras Distillery, today one of the most important and revered in the world.

While Don Pancho has produced luxury rums for other clients for years, it is only in the last year that he believed the quality of his aged rums merited putting his own name on them. Renowned for his exacting standards in crafting fine aged rums, Don Pancho dates his rums by the age of the youngest rum in the blend, and he personally selects each barrel from his own prized collection, collected over many years.

Terlato will introduce Don Pancho in select markets in early 2014. Suggested retail prices will be approximately $425 for Don Pancho 30-year old rum (limited quantity available) and $90 for Don Pancho 18-year old rum. Don Pancho 18-year old recently won the Gold Medal at the German Rum Fest, achieving 100 out of 100 points in a blind tasting.

Terlato Wines’ Artisan Spirits portfolio includes a selection of hand-crafted premium spirits from around the world. The portfolio will have a dedicated sales and marketing team that will work alongside Terlato’s Premier and Estate wine marketing and sales team. The portfolio includes Langley’s No. 8 Distilled London Gin, Tigre Blanc Vodka from France, Marnier Cognac and soon, a collection of single-malt, single-cask Scotches and a 100 percent blue agave Tequila. Terlato Wines has a global portfolio of more than 70 brands from more than a dozen countries.

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