Invest In Monkey Rum

Television personality Zane Lamprey is searching for investors in his Monkey…Monkey Rum that is.

The rum company has set up a WeFunder page hoping to raise up to $1 million. They currently have commitments for $280,000+ from 300+ investors.

With as little as $100 you can become part owner in the company.

“Launched in 2015, Monkey Rum is a portfolio of barrel aged, naturally sourced, award-winning premium rums. Barrel aged in the Caribbean, bottled in the US and brought to you by International TV personality and drinks aficionado Zane Lamprey, Monkey Rum tastes smooth, finishes clean and is unlike anything available on the market today. Monkey Rum is currently distributed in 7 states and comes in two varieties; Monkey Rum with Natural Spices and Monkey Rum with Toasted Coconut.” – Ian Crystal, CEO, Monkey Rum

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