Itsko Imports Releases Pumpkin Face Rum

Source: Itsko Imports launches Pumpkin Face Rum in jack-o-lantern bottles | 2012-10-16 | Beverage Industry

Itsko Imports Inc. launched Pumpkin Face Rum, a new line of ultra-premium rum from the Dominican Republic, in jack-o-lantern-shaped bottles by FlowdesignMade of sculpted glass, the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth are set deep into the glass and decorated with high-quality baked-on decals, giving it a mischievous grin that further highlights the pumpkin’s role as a traditional symbol of celebration, the companies say. The bottles are available in three different colors: clear with silver eyes and mouth for the white rum product, brown organic coloring for the reserved product and black organic coloring for the aged product. Each of the neck labels uses high-quality paper with embossing and silver hot stamping, and the bottle’s pedestal base bears the product’s name embossed in the glass. Finally, the corks are custom designed, with each rum type having its own wooden color, topped off with a pewter metal medallion that reveals the embossed Pumpkin Face logo and name.

Pumpkin Face Dominican Rums

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