Corsair Spiced Rum with tasting glass

Last Sip: Corsair Spiced

Many of the rums in my 1000+ marque collection are nearly finished so I will be posting quick tasting notes as I take the very “Last Sip”.

Last Sip: Corsair Spiced Rum

“Rum infused with fine spices, whole vanilla beans, and citrus peel”

When did I buy this rum? Apparently Corsair no longer produces this rum but I picked up my 375ml bottle on 6/18/2013 and paid $17.99 (which is fairly high). I opened the bottle on 7/14/2013 and took the last sips on 12/26/2021.

Corsair Spiced Rum - Front/Back label

Presentation: I always liked this bottle due to it’s small foot-print and nearly wrap around label. Corsair provides quite a lot of information including batch number (43), bottle number (51/73) and batch notes: “Big flavor. Nutmeg and cinnamon particularly shine through, layered under lots of orange, lemon and vanilla. Great mixer.” This rum is bottled at 42.5% ABV (85 proof).

“Our small batch spiced rum has an unusual character. We use several types of citrus peel and whole vanilla beans while going easy on our other spices and botanicals. The result is a decidedly unique rum that plays well with others – a lot of flavor that doesn’t overwhelm.”

Appearance: The rum does not appear to have been heavily filtered so it has a hazy, orange/brown color which could be off-putting to some. Perhaps this is why they chose such a large label.

Aroma: I immediately notice vanilla, orange and lemon peel, and baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg).

Corsair Spiced Rum - Close up label views

Taste:  This is a fairly interesting spiced rum but maybe not the best blend. The rum seems lost behind the flavors. It is dry with heavy notes of cinnamon, lemon, citrus peel bitterness and alcohol burn.

Finish: Not a terrific sipper but it finishes dry with vanilla and lots of citrus peel.

With Coca-Cola: Here is where this rum shines. The strong cinnamon and allspice flavor overrides the cola’s sweetness while the citrus bitterness and baking spice provide quite a nice finish.

Final Thoughts: These last sips reminded me why I remember Corsair fondly. It’s unusual citrus peel bitterness set it apart.

Corsair Spiced Rum with tasting glass


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