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Martinique Rhum Awards

Over the weekend of July 4-7, the West Indies island of Martinique hosted the first Martinique Rhum Awards festival to celebrate the islands greatest export.

The festival, created by bar proprietor Guy Ferdinand and the Rum Embassy, consisted of a number of rum-related events including a bartending head-to-head competition. For the Rhum Awards, a panel of rhum experts was assembled to judge 100+ rums from Martinique, the neighboring island of Guadeloupe and other global producers.

Martinique Rhum Awards (2019) - The judges
Martinique Rhum Awards (2019) – Judges [Courtesy of Martinique Rhum Awards and]

Here is the full list of Award winning Rhums:

Martinique Rhum Awards (2019)

White Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique 55%La Mauny 50% (Martinique)
White Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique 55+Rhum Dillon 55 (Martinique)
White Rhum Agricole non-AOC up to 55%Rhum A1710 Renaissance (Martinique)
White Rhum Agricole non-AOC 55+Pere Labat 59% (Guadeloupe)
Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique from 3 to 6 yearsDillon VSOP (Martinique)
Rhum Agricole non-AOC 4 years and upRhum Karukera Black Edition Alligator (Guadeloupe)
Molasses Rum 3 to 12 YearsA1710 Soleil de Minuit (Martinique)
Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique 6 years and upHSE XO (Martinique)
Molasses Rum 12 years and upPlantation Rum Jamaica 2005
Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique Cask StrengthTrois Rivieres Cask Strength 2006
Rhum Agricole non-AOC cask strengthMHOBA Rum Select Reserve French Cask Rum (South Africa)
Molasses Rum Cask StrengthRiviere du Mat 2006 (Cuvee of the Confrerie du Rhum) (Reunion)

Rhums being judged at the Martinique Rhum Awards (2019)
Rhums being judged [Courtesy of Martinique Rhum Awards and]

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