NPR talks craft distilleries

NPR has an interesting story on the rise of small batch, craft distilleries in the United States.

You can download the audio here.

The story includes Turkey Shore Distilleries in Ipswich, Mass. which produces many variations of Old Ipswich Rum and Railean Distillery in Railean, TX.

OI Rum Logo Hi ResTurkey Shore Distillery Rums:

Old Ipswich “Golden Marsh” Spiced
Old Ipswich “Greenhead” Spiced
Old Ipswich “Tavern Style”
Old Ipswich “White Cap”
Old Ipswich Lab & Cask Reserve

Railean_ProfileRailean Distillery Rums:

Railean White
Railean Spiced
Railean Reserve XO
Railean Small Cask

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