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Plantation Cut & Dry Coconut Released In Barbados

From Plantation Rum:

After years of experimentation, we are proud to release Plantation Cut & Dry, the new coconut sensation made in Barbados. This 100% natural coconut rum is created at West Indies Rum Distillery and is a limited edition only available in Barbados

Plantation Cut & Dry Coconut
Plantation Cut & Dry Coconut Rum. Photos courtesy of Planation Rum.

Perfectly balanced and flavorful, the natural taste and true character of Plantation Cut & Dry will surely please all the mixology artists. Whether it is in a Pina Colada, a Daiquiri or just with a splash of pineapple juice, the delicious possibilities are limitless!

Plantation Cut & Dry is a limited edition exclusively available in Barbados. Don’t go bananas, go coconut!

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