Red Harbor Rum launches in Charleston, SC

RedHarborRum_Stills_FBAmerican rum production traces its history back to the Colonial era. Before becoming known as the Spirit of the Caribbean, rum was an American spirit that was produced up-and-down the Eastern seaboard. For decades, molasses from the Caribbean and Southern states found its way into legal, and illegal, stills across the colonies. It was this American history lesson that guided Justin Buchanan and Jake MacDowell to produce their recently released Red Harbor Rum in Charleston, SC.

RedHarborRumTrying to stay true to Colonial production practices, Red Harbor ages their rum in new American oak barrels. New oak barrels provide Red Harbor Rum a flavor profile similar to bourbon. This is a break from most modern rum production that typically ages rum in used bourbon barrels. Although new oak barrels are more expensive, new oak imparts strong oak-characteristics into the spirit during the ageing process. Currently Red Harbor Rum is only available in the Charleston area but they are looking for statewide distribution by the end of summer.

Red Harbor Rum



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  1. Chad Moore
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    Curious local wondering if you have a distributor selected. Manager of a restaurant, was thinking of maybe carrying your product. Thanks.


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