Rums Of South Carolina

South Carolina’s economic and cultural ties to the Caribbean date to the state’s settlement.  There is no doubt that South Carolina’s “Peculiar Institution” will forever be a stain on it’s history but it was the slave trade that connected the state to the sugarcane fields of Barbados, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean. The rebirth of South Carolina distilling over the last several years has revived the state’s rum past and over the course of 2017 it is my intent to visit each South Carolina rum producer, sample their products and discover their connection to this spirited past. Below is a list of all South Carolina rum’s currently being produced.

Rums Of South Carolina

Carolina Moon Distillery (Edgefield, SC)

Blockade Runner

The 80 proof Blockade Runner Rum will be available in three varieties... White, Aged and Spiced. Come on in for a taste and be a South Carolina Blockade Runner. 80 proof/40% ABV.
May Lady Aged

Following the grand traditions of South Carolina and our glorious past, May Lady Aged Rum is our latest spirit developing a true following. It starts with our beautiful white rum, then aged over time in charred peach wood from local peach orchards. Peaches are the name of the game in Edgefield County and in fact, The town of Johnston proclaims itself to be the Peach Capitol of the World.

Well, It only seemed natural for us to try an aged peach wood product and the final results are astounding. Smooth, amazing wonderful nose with hints of the fruit but surprise... there no peach fruit used in the production at all! This is no girlie drink... although many women seem to enjoy it! Come try our May Lady Aged Rum. 80 proof/40% ABV.

Copperhead Mountain Distillery (Travelers Rest, SC)

Thirteen Colonies Gold

All natural spiced rum, oak aged with autumn cinnamon flavor. Slow crafted in copper stills. 100 Proof/50% ABV.
Thirteen Colonies Silver

All natural spiced rum, we call it "Christmas in a cup". Slow crafted in copper stills. 100 Proof/50% ABV.

Copper Horse Distilling (Columbia, SC)

Copper Horse Bold

Young, smooth-edged and subtle, Copper Horse Light Rum is carefully blended for drinking under the sun and near the water, and with evenings on the grass in mind.

Bold Rum

Styled after a cachaça using a molasses base instead of cane juice. Aged to taste in used whiskey barrels. Sweet with notes of vanilla. Earthy notes on the finish. Available in 375ml & 750ml. 86 proof/43% ABV.

Crouch Distilling (Columbia, SC)

Cane Juice Rum

Daufuskie Island Rum Company (Daufuskie Island, SC)


Our Gold Edition is nice sipping rum. It is crafted by allowing our robust Silver Edition Rum to rest in premium Kentucky Bourbon barrels for six months. The oak and char from the barrel and the devil’s cut of bourbon come together to create a unique smooth sipping rum. 80 proof/40% ABV.
Gold Reserve

COMING SOON: The older brother to the Gold Edition; the Gold Reserve is crafted by allowing our robust Silver Edition to rest in premium Kentucky Bourbon barrels for a full year before harvesting. 80 proof/40% ABV.
Fuskie Fire

Our Fuskie Fire is a hot cinnamon rum with a kick of cayenne! Each batch is handcrafted using 2500 cinnamon sticks and 6 ounces of pure cayenne pepper. The result is a strong all natural cinnamon flavor with a cayenne kick at the finish. This a smooth version that is not too sweet or too thick. 70 proof/35% ABV.

Our Silver Edition is a heavy body white rum. It has a robust flavor and a creamy mouth feel. It is made using the finest Demerara sugar available. 80 proof/40% ABV.

Our Spiced Edition is crafted from our Master Distiller’s secret recipe. It is all natural and contains 9 great spices. The flavors are bold and are reminiscent of the holidays. 80 proof/40% ABV.

Our Vanilla Rum starts with a natural vanilla extract that we create using our Silver Edition rum and big, beautiful vanilla beans from Maui. We use the extract to flavor the rum and each bottle gets a full size vanilla bean dropped prior to corking to give it a one of a kind look and feel. 80 proof/40% ABV.

Firefly Distillery (Wadmalaw Island, SC)

Sea Island Gold

Sea Island Gold Rum is handcrafted using sugarcane from South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. We then age our rum in used Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels to create the most unique and tasteful Gold Rum available. 80 proof/40% ABV.
Sea Island Java

Sea Island Java Rum is handcrafted using sugarcane from South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. We then infuse coffee and spices to create the ultimate spiced rum. 70 proof/35% ABV.
Sea Island Spice

Sea Island Spice Rum is handcrafted using sugarcane from South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. We then add a blend of spices, including vanilla, to create the smoothest spiced rum with a kick. 70 proof/35% ABV.

Gorget Distilling (Lugoff, SC) ON TOUR

Black Cherry

66 proof/33% ABV.
Black Cherry Vanilla

66 proof/33% ABV.
Caramel & Apple

66 proof/33% ABV.
Cinnamon & Vanilla

66 proof/33% ABV.
Gadsden Barrel Aged Spiced

Aged for one year in heavy char, new white oak barrels. The barrels are seasoned with ground cocoa, vanilla, and raisins. 90 proof/45% ABV.
Root Beer

66 proof/33% ABV.

Unaged, blackstrap molasses rum. 96 proof/48% ABV.
Vanilla Peach

66 proof/33% ABV.

High Wire Distilling (Charleston, SC)

Belonger's Rum

Aged 6 months in used Woodford Reserve casks, this rum boasts a strong rye whiskey undertone and notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Our Belonger's Rum is a great spirit for a dark and stormy and pairs perfectly with Bittermilk's Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour cocktail mixer (also available in our emporium). 80 proof/40% ABV.
Silver Rum 80 proof/40% ABV.
Single Source Lowcountry Agricole

"Distilled from 500 gallons of freshly pressed, 100% SC cane juice grown at Blizzard Branch in Middendorf, SC. Our version of rhum agricole is made in the traditional West Indian style and is one of only two domestically produced agricoles in the country. We delicately age this spirit for 11 months in toasted barrels. Lowcountry Agricole will be released in an extremely limited edition of 210 bottles, and it is very likely the finest spirit we have ever produced." 88 proof/44% ABV.

Hilton Head Distillery (Hilton Head Island, SC)

hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsdark23Two Traditions Dark 23

"This barrel aged rum is our flagship product, and is what makes our distillery unique. It is hand crafted using a granulated molasses base, and aged in pre-used port wine barrels. We use 23 of these barrels, which are made of charred American Oak, and are rich in flavor. The result is an exceptional bourbon-esque rum with a delightfully complex palate." 80 proof/40% ABV.
hiltonheaddistillery_redlockspicedRedlock Spiced Rum

"Named after the infamous Jacquotte Delahaye, or “Back from the Dead Red,” this spiced rum is created using a hand-crafted blend of traditional Caribbean spices. Our spice blend is made in-house, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. On the palate, this rum is vanilla forward, with notes of allspice and nutmeg."
hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsplatinumwhiteTwo Traditions Platinum

"Crafted from a granulated molasses base and distilled to the highest legal level of purity, this platinum rum is light bodied and clean. It is the base for all of our other rum products, and a fantastic product for mixing diverse cocktails." 80 proof/40% ABV.

From the Two Traditions Platinum's label: "The foundation of all our rums. Handcrafted to be clean & flavorful using time-honored small batch copper
hiltonheaddistillery_toastedcoconutTwo Traditions Toasted Coconut

"A white sand beach of delicious, all natural flavor, this rum is lightly sweet and perfectly balanced with a note of toasted nuttiness. Great for mixing in your favorite tropical cocktail and savoring in the sunshine." 80 proof/40% ABV.

From the Two Traditions Toasted Coconut's label: "Our small batch platinum white rum infused with fresh Cayman coconut flavor. Recalls savory macaroons, pastries, and the tropics"
hiltonheaddistillery_espressoTwo Traditions Espresso

"Just like a cup of steaming black coffee in the morning, this rum invigorates the palate and excites the senses. It is one of the only products of its kind and is sure to delight coffee lovers and dessert lovers alike." 80 proof/40% ABV.

From the Two Traditions Espresso's label: "Our small batch platinum white rum infused with Italian roast arabica beans. Notes of rich bittersweet crema and Blue Mountain terroir."
hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsgold_300Two Traditions Gold

From the Two Traditions Gold's label: "Our handcrafted, small batch rum, gently aged & blended by our master distillers for the perfect balance of sugarcane & cask." 80 proof/40% ABV.

Jakal Distillery (Lexington, SC)


80 proof/40% ABV.
Hot Cinnamon

60 proof/30% ABV.
Pecan Pie

60 proof/30% ABV.

JB's Proof Rum Ice Cream

Coconut Rum One taste of this and you’ll yearn for a lounge chair on a Caribbean beach. But an umbrella on the South Carolina shore will do. The coconut flavor is over-the-top and the rum just completes the daydream.
Peach Rum Warmer weather is here, and we're craving lighter flavors with a front porch feeling. Sweet as southern peaches, but with a pirate-Caribbean bite (well, not too much of a bite really).
Vanilla Rum With our three vanilla flavors, it’s clear we understand its popularity. And we also know rum is pretty well-liked too (maybe it's the "vanilla" of alcohols?). So we combined the two famous flavors to make one darn good ice cream.

Local Choice (Daniel Island, SC) [Terresentia]

Local Choice Mango

We captured tropical flare in a bottle with our all-natural Mango flavored Vodka/Rum blend. Intense all-natural mango flavor infused perfectly with sweet rum and dry vodka. Try a Mango Mojito at midnight.
Pixie Spiced

Pixie Spiced Rum is blended with a secret combination of spices for a drink so smooth and uniquely flavored that you’ll swear there must be pixie dust inside. Discover for yourself why Pixie Spiced Rum is Cola’s favorite rum.

Marauda (Charleston, SC)


Marauda Steelpan is a blend of 3 year old white oak barrel aged rums from Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana. Blended with 60% Trinidad column-stilled, 30% Guyanese pot-stilled, and 10% Jamaican pot-stilled.

Motte & Sons (Spartanburg, SC)

Barrel Aged 2 Years

Rational Spirits (Charleston, SC)

Cuban Inspired

Grade A Molasses
Pot Distilled
New American Oak (Toasted and Charred)

The second generation of the Lost Spirits classic. Bigger, richer & slightly lower in alcohol at 141 proof.

Grade A Molasses
Pot Distilled
"Dunder" Fermented
New Charred American Oak

The first rum to use a lab grown propionibacterium based "dunder." Ancient Jamaican techniques meet the 21st century.

Red Harbor (Charleston, SC)

Red Harbor

Red Harbor Rum is a new rum from Charleston, South Carolina that aims to revitalize interest in America’s oldest spirit – Colonial Rum.

Straw Hat Distillery (Florence, SC)

Straw Hat Rum

Striped Pig (North Charleston, SC)

Striped Rum

Made with premium southern molasses from Savannah, Georgia.

Striped Rum's rich flavor is distinctive and different from anything else on the shelf. With heavy notes of vanilla and butterscotch, this is not your average white rum.

It can be enjoyed straight, but its flavors are especially hightlighted when shaken with a simple mixer and served over ice.
Striped Spiced

We heard our fans' wishes and took our popular Striped Rum and added some more delicious flavors. While still carrying the white rum's tasting notes of vanilla and butterscotch, we added more natural flavors like all spice, clove and cinnamon. This is not your typical spiced rum.

Mix it in a cocktail or enjoy it our favorite way, as a shot, and you will not be disappointed in the unique and complex flavors of this spiced rum.

Terresentia (Ladson, SC)

- Barndoor
- Ingot 77
- Capone Rum
- Aloha Nui (
- Shipwreck
- Burnt Sky
- Flying Fish Silver Rum
- Skull Creek Boathouse Lime
Deadman's Dark & Spicy

Natural Spice Flavors. 45% ABV/90 Proof
Deadman's Mango

Fresh Mango Flavored Rum. 40% ABV/80 Proof
Rum Dog

Rum Dog Rum is a locally crafted and regionally perfected rum traditional offered by Edmonstone & MacMillan, LLC. The families have documented dealings with trade and spirits since the 14th century. Grant’s Old and New Edinburgh tells of King Richard II empowering Sir John Edmonstone to “take 200 quarters of malt with his own vessels… to any port he please in Scotland.”
Tapping House Grand Reserve Dark

Distilled using an innovative, yet completely natural, process. Unlike simple filtration, this proprietary process removes a greater amount of harsh tasting minor alcohols and free radicals, yielding top quality rum. Silver medal - 2014 LA Spirits Competition.

Just Over The Border In North Carolina

Muddy River Distillery (Belmont, NC)

Coconut Carolina

After many rounds of trial and tasting, our Coconut Carolina Rum recipe was perfected. Coconut Carolina Rum is smooth and lightly sweetened with the taste of fresh coconut. Coconut Carolina Rum was launched in North Carolina ABC stores in June 2015 and was a hit for its first summer season.
Queen Charlotte's Reserve

Queen Charlotte's Reserve is barrel aged one year in virgin American white oak barrels. Resting in these barrels leaves it with a smooth, oaky finish. No coloring or flavoring is added to this product, it is simply barrel aged for color. A surprisingly well balanced rum that's a pleasure to sip. We hope that you enjoy our American made rum as much as we do.
Silver Carolina

Muddy River's first product Carolina Rum launched in September 2012. Our small batch rum is produced in a one of a kind still specifically designed and built by the company’s founder and head distiller to produce a premium quality rum with a distinctive, smooth taste. This rum has won awards including the Big Sip Cup.
Spiced Carolina

Our smooth Spiced Carolina Rum is delicious straight or mixed to create your favorite cocktails. Created from a unique blend of spices and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, our newest product is a beautiful amber colored rum. After 2 years of recipe development, we released our true labor of love. Cheers!

Headquartered In SC but Rum Is Produced Elsewhere

Pusser's (Charleston, SC) [Guyana/Trinidad Blend]

Pusser's Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label)

Pusser’s Blue Label is a Royal Navy style rum inspired by the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

Alc/Vol: 42% (U.S.A.) / 40% (International)

Color: Clear, dark amber

Nose: Classic Demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits, island spices, and caramel

Body: Full, round and perfect for cocktails

Finish: Long finish with a mild spicy burn
Pusser's Gunpowder Proof (Black Label)

Pusser’s ‘Gunpowder Proof’ is a traditional Royal Navy style rum produced at original Admiralty strength and in accordance with the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

Alc/Vol: 54.5%

Color: Clear, dark coppery amber with burnished copper highlights

Nose: Pungent molasses, treacle, toffee, honey and vanilla with oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger

Body: Full-bodied with a more enhanced flavour profile than the lower proof Blue Label

Finish: Long finish, and despite its strength, smooth and mellow
Pusser's Overproof (Green Label)

Pusser’s Overproof is a high-strength dark rum. While the rum is produced with the same blend of rums as the Original Admiralty strength, the final product is a potent blend best used as a ‘floater’ on top of cocktails including tropical and classic tiki drinks.

Alc/Vol: 75%
Pusser's Aged 15 Years

Forbes magazine called it the “Single Malt of Rum,” we call it “Liquid History.” Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years is crafted in small batches. It is a superb, coveted and limited 15 year aged rum that continues to win awards and accolades amongst peers.

Alc/Vol: 40%

Color: Rich chestnut mahogany color, crystal clear clarity

Nose: The aroma is a burst of classic Demerara with marmalade, marzipan, cinnamon and tobacco

Body: Full and very rounded with notes of syrupy spice and fruit, leather, dried sultanas and soft oak

Finish: Warm, smooth, long and memorable
Pusser's Spiced

Pusser’s Rum Spiced is the newest to the Pusser’s range. Flavoured with a blend of locally sourced Caribbean spices steeped in Caribbean rum over 7 days.

Alc/Vol: 35%

Color: Clear, dark amber

Nose: This lively, aromatic spiced rum first provides distinct notes of fresh culinary ginger and cinnamon, followed by layers of orange zest and baking spices such as nutmeg and allspice

Body: Surprisingly smooth with ginger heat

Topper's (Irmo, SC) [St. Maarten]

Banana Vanilla Cinnamon

Topper's Banana Vanilla Cinnamon Rhum abounds with the flavors of sun ripened bananas, fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. It's blended to perfection so that each sip is mellow, smooth and every all natural flavor is equally represented. It doesn't get any more Caribbean than this!
Caribbean White

Topper's Caribbean White Rhum is a superior white rhum that is crystal clear and mild with an extraordinarily smooth finish without any burn. Truly the finest drinking rhum in the world. Enjoyable on its own, this light rhum is also perfect for mixing into any great cocktail.

Topper's Coconut Rhum has an incredible flavor and aroma that tastes like a day at the beach. Natural fresh coconut and premium Caribbean rhum are expertly blended to achieve a smooth finish. This rhum is delightful on the rocks, with juice or mixed with pineapple for the best Piña Colada you will ever taste.
Mocha Mama

Topper's Mocha Mama Rhum brings together an outstanding blend of premium Caribbean rhum, rich roasted coffee and decadent chocolate with notes of vanilla in one indulgent spirit. This is a fabulous after dinner treat, addition to your coffee any time of day.

Topper's Spiced Rhum is an ultra smooth blend of premium Caribbean rhum and the abundant flavors of the finest island spices. This medium bodied spiced rhum is perfect to sip straight, over ice or mixed with cola. This masterpiece is ready to be enjoyed!
White Chocolate Raspberry

Topper's White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum is an exceptional blend of flavors including premium Caribbean rhum, natural raspberries and creamy, rich white chocolate. This astounding rhum is equally enjoyable over ice or as a premium ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

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