Uncharted: Hilton Head Distillery

What are “Uncharted Rums”? These are rums I have not yet had the pleasure of reviewing. This is my way to highlight and promote great rums from around the world that might be unfamiliar to most rum shoppers. So until I am able to review each of these rums they shall remain “Uncharted” to me.

Having received their distiller’s license in July 2015, Hilton Head Distillery is set to open their doors this weekend with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 15th. Operated by Massachusetts-based Brass Ring Spirit Brands, Hilton Head Distillery will primarily produce a series of rums including their top expression, Two Traditions Dark 23 rum. Their master distiller, Peter Thompson, was the former Assistant Distiller at Dark Corner Distillery (Greenville, SC) and has trained at Cayman Spirits Company (Cayman Islands) producing rum and vodka. Peter plans to combine these “two traditions” of distilling (Caribbean and Southern) into Hilton Head’s line of rums.

hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsdark23Two Traditions Dark 23

"This barrel aged rum is our flagship product, and is what makes our distillery unique. It is hand crafted using a granulated molasses base, and aged in pre-used port wine barrels. We use 23 of these barrels, which are made of charred American Oak, and are rich in flavor. The result is an exceptional bourbon-esque rum with a delightfully complex palate." 80 proof (40% ABV)
hiltonheaddistillery_redlockspicedRedlock Spiced Rum

"Named after the infamous Jacquotte Delahaye, or “Back from the Dead Red,” this spiced rum is created using a hand-crafted blend of traditional Caribbean spices. Our spice blend is made in-house, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. On the palate, this rum is vanilla forward, with notes of allspice and nutmeg."
hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsplatinumwhiteTwo Traditions Platinum

"Crafted from a granulated molasses base and distilled to the highest legal level of purity, this platinum rum is light bodied and clean. It is the base for all of our other rum products, and a fantastic product for mixing diverse cocktails." 80 proof (40% ABV)

From the Two Traditions Platinum's label: "The foundation of all our rums. Handcrafted to be clean & flavorful using time-honored small batch copper pot distilling.
hiltonheaddistillery_toastedcoconutTwo Traditions Toasted Coconut

"A white sand beach of delicious, all natural flavor, this rum is lightly sweet and perfectly balanced with a note of toasted nuttiness. Great for mixing in your favorite tropical cocktail and savoring in the sunshine." 80 proof (40% ABV)

From the Two Traditions Toasted Coconut's label: "Our small batch platinum white rum infused with fresh Cayman coconut flavor. Recalls savory macaroons, pastries, and the tropics"
hiltonheaddistillery_espressoTwo Traditions Espresso

"Just like a cup of steaming black coffee in the morning, this rum invigorates the palate and excites the senses. It is one of the only products of its kind and is sure to delight coffee lovers and dessert lovers alike." 80 proof (40% ABV)

From the Two Traditions Espresso's label: "Our small batch platinum white rum infused with Italian roast arabica beans. Notes of rich bittersweet crema and Blue Mountain terroir."
hiltonheaddistillery_twotraditionsgold_300Two Traditions Gold

From the Two Traditions Gold's label: "Our handcrafted, small batch rum, gently aged & blended by our master distillers for the perfect balance of sugarcane & cask." 80 proof (40% ABV)

Hilton Head Distillery

Phone: (843) 686-4443
Email: info@hiltonheaddistillery.com
Website: http://hiltonheaddistillery.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiltonheaddistillery/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiltonheaddistillery/

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