Uncharted Rums: Lola Belle Cherry Rum

Our ‘Uncharted Rum’ for this week is Lola Belle Cherry Rum from Proximo Spirts. Proximo also distributes Ron Matusalem and Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Good stuff.
Lola Belle Cherry Rum
I personally haven’t had the opportunity to sample Lola Belle yet but it sounds like a perfect rum for mixing cocktails with a twist. The store locator on their website is not yet operational so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to find a review sample. But I am always looking for a suitable replacement for Ms. TheRumTrader’s favorite RedRum since availability has become rare in the Southeast. If you’ve tried Lola Belle Cherry Rum I’d love to hear your thoughts.

From LolaRum.com:

“Lola Belle is crafted with Caribbean Rum and infused with dark maraschino cherries for a full-bodied taste with a smooth, sweet finish. Named for a legendary burlesque dander who adorned herself with cherries on stage, Lola Belle is truly something to go wild for. Try Lola in cocktails or as a digestif. Please enjoy Lola Belle responsibly.”

Lola Belle The Cherry Bombshell

“It is said there was a woman called Lola Belle with lips like luscious cherries. So tantalizing, she drove men wild with desire. So Lola Belle was banished to America. There her talents were welcomed with open arms. In her memory, her countrymen made rum with sweet cherries capturing her seductive spirit. Unfortunately this drink also drove the men wild with desire and it too was banished to America. Lola Belle…Whatever Lola wants!”

Suggested Cocktails:

Lola Belle - Whatever Lola WantsCocktail Lola Belle - Spritz Cocktail

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