Uncharted Rums: Stingray Spiced Rum

StingraySpiced_BottleOn a drinking expedition earlier this year in Savannah, GA, I noticed a bottle of rum on the backbar that had never seen before. I didn’t get an opportunity to taste it but I did take a photo of it for later exploration. Today I finally took some time to read up on this ‘Uncharted Rum’.

What I discovered is Stingray Spiced Rum is produced in Carrolton, Texas by the JEM Beverage Company. It’s infused with vanilla, cinnamon and almond spices. My curiosity is peaked because it’s fairly inexpensive (for a domestic rum) and it includes almond as a spice (which is uncommon).

Their website describes THE LEGEND OF STINGRAY SPICED RUM:

During the early 17th century piracy was rampant throughout the Caribbean. Thieves would commandeer the cargo of merchants, navies, and each other. As a precaution, people would hide their most precious cargo – their finest Spiced Rums – on the sea floor of the Caribbean where they were safely guarded by one of the most feared creatures in the ocean, Stingrays. Stingrays, the protector of the special reserve Spiced Rum barrels, became synonymous with the finest Spiced Rum in the Caribbean, and still are today.

The Dallas Observer gave it a good recommendation:

“The big question here is: Is a $15 bottle of spiced rum from Carrollton supposed to be this good? Raise your hand if you think so. No, it’s simply not. We need to get a memo out to Carrollton. Of course, I only jest. Many Texas distillers are doing amazing things. It’s beautiful.”

It looks like Stingray Spiced Rum is primarily available in Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. If I find it available to order online I will update this post.

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