Uncharted: Tippy Cow Rum Cream

There is not much information published yet about Tippy Cow Rum Cream. From what I can discover they are owned by Agave Loco, the same parent company as RumChata. Their website doesn’t seem to be operational today and I could not find anything on Facebook or Twitter. Oh well, below are some details provided by ChilledMagazine.com:

Who needs new fangled when you can have old-fashioned great tastes? Tippy Cow offers four new products with tastes that have been around for decades.

TippyCowLogoBlended with the finest Caribbean rum, Tippy Cow flavors like Orange Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla Soft Serve and Shamrock Mint are reminiscent of iconic sweet creamy flavors. Consumers say they remind them of a Dreamsicle, a Wendy’s Frosty, a Dairy Queen Soft Serve and a Shamrock Shake. The product is packaged appropriately in old-fashioned milk bottles to reinforce the fact that they are made with the freshest real dairy cream from Wisconsin.

“Who needs new fangled when old fashioned tastes are great?” said Duane Maas, octogenarian president of Midwest Custom Bottling. “Bartenders love Tippy Cow because it’s delicious straight up or easily mixable with a variety of flavored spirits and coffee.”

Maas expects the brand to compete with everything from flavored vodkas and rums to any variety of liqueurs as the product delivers a phenomenal taste experience, extremely popular with today’s consumer. Tippy Cow will be promoting recipes for unique drink concoctions on its website www.tippy-cow.com.

Tippy Cow will be available at on and off-premise locations in select markets beginning February 1. The average retail price for a 750ml bottle of Tippy Cow is $16.99. Tippy Cow 50ml mini bottles are also available at an average price of $1.49. Tippy Cow™ Rum Specialties are 14% ALC/VOL.

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