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Since 10 Cane’s release in 2005, Moët Hennessy has struggled to find the brand a place in the rum market. Produced from fresh cane juice and aged in French Oak casks the rum has it’s own unique taste. This uncommon flavor profile, the brand’s over-the-top packaging and premium pricing have all limited sales.

In an effort to change 10 Cane’s fortunes, Moët Hennessy has chosen a new partner (Foursquare Distillery, Barbados) to produce and package their rum. In an effort to lighten the rum’s Agricole notes, their new blend includes select aged rums. To introduce the new blend Moët Hennessy has also updated the brands packaging. They have moved from a tall, rectangular bottle to a square, traditional height bottle. It is their hope that these moves will help reposition the brand in the market and help move more units.

According to EaterAZ.com:

“They are starting with a beefed up new recipe. After their usual distillation of pure sugar cane juice, 10 Cane rum will now be enhanced with the addition of extra-old rum, making the regular stuff taste a little deeper, more complex, and, well, better than it already did. Because the new bottle will hold a better product, they also decided to design a better bottle. Something as simple as making the bottle square, rather than rectangular like it was, will now solve a slew of apparent issues. A square bottle is greener—it uses less glass and allows for more bottles per case, meaning better use of printed ink. More bottles to a case also means more efficient shipping. And more efficient shipping means more rum for people like us.”

10 Cane rum introduces it's new blend and bottle
10 Cane rum introduces it’s new blend and bottle

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