Last Sip: Angostura 5 Year

Many of the rums in my 1000+ marque collection are nearly finished so I will be posting quick tasting notes as I take the very “Last Sip”.

Last Sip: Angostura 5 Year

When did I buy this rum? This bottle does not have a Rum Trader label so that means it was acquired pre-2010. I think I bought it in Memphis, TN in 2009.

Presentation: Good squat bottle with a cheap metal screw top. I like the golden copper and red label. The label does not contain any details or back story but is does have an interesting antique map of the Southern Caribbean and a logo impression set in the glass. The label declares it as an “Aged 5 Years Premium Rum” from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, 80 proof/40% ABV.

Appearance: Strong, thick legs with a deep copper color

Aroma: Mix of charred oak, sweet molasses, dried apricot, prunes or raisins, mixed with faint chocolate

Taste: Dry, musky taste full of pronounced molasses, vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit backed by light oak. Its bold but not screaming.

Finish: Dry with a semi-sweet, slightly oily, dried oak, light cardamon/clove spice. Pleasant if not a bit scratchy but no burn.



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