Review: Mt. Gay Eclipse Gold

MtGayEclipseGold_OldBottle_LargeKnown as the “inventors of rum”, Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. has been producing rum in Barbados since 1703. The company, originally known as Mount Gilboa Plantation/Distilleries, was renamed in tribute to famous Barbadian Sir John Gay Alleyneto upon his death in 1801. John Gay Alleyneto was a politician, businessman, community leader as well as acclaimed manager of the plantation/distillery.

Mt. Gay Rums recently re-branded itself with a new bottle style, modern labels and new marketing slogans. In addition to the new marketing approach, Mt. Gay recently re-branded their Mt. Gay Black They even reformulated their formerly known Mt. Gay Eclipse Black re-branding it as Mt. Gay Black Barrel. Mt. Gay continues to emphasize their historic rum production using a modern marketing strategy.

For this review I finished off the remains of my ‘old design’ bottle of Mt. Gay Eclipse Gold. The standard height bottle included a bright red screw top, a large “1703” rising from the bottles glass neck and a label dominated by a map of Barbados. Mt. Gay former slogan was “Perfected by Tradition” (its now been replaced by “There’s A Time And A Place”).

Presentation: Mt. Gay Eclipse Gold is one of the brand’s introductory expressions. Distilled to 80 proof, Eclipse Gold is an aged blend that has a golden straw color and fairly strong legs as it clung solidly to the sides of my glass.

Aroma: It’s aroma is sweet and fruity with hints of banana, orange, pear, and vanilla. There is a notable undertone of smokiness. Based on it’s color and aroma, this seems like a young, blended rum. Lots of notes going on but very little depth.

Sipping: Drinking Mt. Gay Eclipse Gold straight brings a fruity coating to the palette. Its a complicated flavor that has a light oaky linger, warm alcohol feel and a subtle peppery flavor. Its not really a rum blended to be consumed straight…it’s too young to be enjoyed that way.

On Ice: Over ice, the flavor seems to amplify. Unfortunately, that does not help this rum. Its complex flavors all blend together until nothing is individually decernable. Chilling Mt. Gay Eclipse Gold unlocks a candy-like, sweet aroma and washes away quickly leaving only a viscous warmth in your throat.

With Coke Zero: Blended into Coke Zero is even worse for Eclipse Gold. Its flavor is officially lost. Its busy flavor is completely mixed away in the soda. I found myself saying “yep, there’s rum in this” but there was nothing to get excited about.

6 of 10

Review done 9/8/13

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